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Bride Spotlight / Lindsay Walker


Today we’re introducing a new series! The Bride Spotlight Series features brides that chose us to help with the paper good part of their weddings. We’ve asked each bride to share a little from the other side of their big day, along with a few photos from their wedding. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the planning that goes into making your day special, but it’s the ever after that really matters. It’s a good reminder for all of us, yes?

Without further ado, here’s our first Bride Spotlight Series interview with the lovely Lindsay Walker (who also happens to be the inspiration for our Watercolor Wedding Suite). All images by Gina Zeidler.

Bride Spotlight,

Q / What was your favorite part of the big day?
A / The ceremony.  It was so special to have everyone in the same room to witness our wedding vows, and have Andrew’s dad as our pastor.

Q / Any disasters from your big day that you laugh about now?
A / Nothing too major, thankfully!  We had ordered the ring bearer suits on Etsy 3 months prior and they didn’t arrive until the day before!  That was kind of scary. The day of came and we realized we hadn’t even bought socks or shoes for my nephews to wear since we were waiting to match them to the suits. Because we didn’t realize it until arriving at church, my dad had to run pick up some blindly anyway. No one noticed of course.

Q / What was the nicest gift you received?
A / That’s a tough one! So many nice and generous gifts! I think I would say some Le Creuset items from unexpected guests, and Andrew would say more on the appliance side – I think our food processor is his favorite! Collectively, we’d say our new bed and mattress from my parents and grandparents.

Q / Would you have done anything different?
A / Not one thing!!  I guess if possible, we’d extend the celebration to be an entire week of family and friends in one place. We had our close friends and family arrive on Thursday and they stayed through the gift opening on Sunday. Or extend the Honeymoon!

Q / Where do you live now?
A / In a condo in Northeast Minneapolis. It’s a great neighborhood with lots of boutique shops and restaurants, right on the Mississippi river.

Q / Can you describe your first year of marriage?
A / Better than I could have ever anticipated! It just feels so fun and natural to be together. We’ve been blessed to enjoy lots of trips and weekends away already, which I hope continues!

Q / Do you mind sharing what you and your spouse do for a living?
A / Andrew is a consultant for Huron Healthcare and travels around the country part time to different hospital projects. I run a home care company for seniors called Touching Hearts at Home, along with my mom.

Bride Spotlight,

We’re so happy for you two lovebirds. Thanks for sharing with us. xo!

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