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No-Sew DIY Jute Wine Bags


Morning, all. Megan here. Since Kirsten over at Restored Style is knee-deep in work and neck-deep in her house remodel, I thought I’d step in and take care of this month’s DIY. So, here we go with a no-sew DIY jute wine bag!

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

A bottle of wine is the quintessential hostess gift. Vino really never gets old, but it can always use a personal touch. Enter: our no-sew DIY Jute Wine Bag. We know you have countless social obligations come November and December. Take a deep breath. This simple DIY project will keep you from scrambling at the last minute to gather something special for all the party-throwers in your lives.

DIY Jute Wine Bag, hifrienddesign.comThe jute webbing used for this project is actually an upholstery supply and is typically stretched to make chair seats. We’re re-purposing the utilitarian material to make a rustic, reusable, woven wine bag. It doesn’t require any sewing, just five easy cuts and a little hot glue action. You really can’t screw this up, friends. Whip out those scissors and your trusty glue gun and let’s get the show on the road.

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

Jute webbing, 3.5″ width (3 yards per bag)*
Hot glue / gun
Tape measure
Bottle of wine (Grab 2 bottles if you’d like to imbibe while you craft, like we do.)

*At .79 a yard, jute webbing may be the cheapest DIY supply you’ll ever buy.


1. Cut your five strips.

Cut one strip 28″ long. Cut another 38″ long. The longer of the two will become the handle. Then cut three more strips, each 12.5″ long.

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

2. Form the handle.

Lay the 28″ strip flat. Mark the half-way point (14″). Lay the end of the 38″ strip perpendicular at that mark, as shown. Loop it over (making sure not to twist it in the middle) and connect the two ends. Tack them down with hot glue.

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

3. Make three small rings.

Take the three identical 12.5″ strips. Tack each one into a ring.
(Idea: These would make adorable napkin rings, wouldn’t they?)

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

4. Weave it all together.

Place your bottle over ‘X’ made by your two main strips. Start with one of the small rings. Thread the tall handle through the ring and push it to the bottom of the wine bottle, leaving the shorter strip’s ends out. Take the next ring and place it just over the wine bottle. Thread the two sides of the 28″ strip through, as shown. Finally, take your third ring and do the same thing you did with the first; thread the tall handle through it and push it down to meet the others.

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

Push the three rings together, making sure there aren’t any gaps between them and hiding their seams along the way. It just so happens that three of these guys equal almost exactly the height of a standard bottle of wine. It can’t get much more perfect!

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

5. Glue it down.

The only thing left to do is tack down the loose ends of the 28″ strip on the inside of the bag. Fold each end in and press a crease where it meets the top of that third ring. Then whip it out, line it with hot glue and then slip it back into place on the interior of the bag.

DIY Jute Wine Bag,

Unless you want to tack down the open vertical sides of the webbing on the outside of the bag with hot glue (which I did to make it look a little more polished), you’re done. Oh my gosh. Done!

DIY Jute Wine Bag, hifrienddesign.comDIY Jute Wine Bag,

Finally, if you want to get fancy, wrap your wine with a pretty tea towel before slipping it into your tote, or tie twine or ribbon (with or without a tag) around the handle. Voila! Your next hostess (and all her guests) will be wowed by your shabby-chic-ness, we promise.

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5 Responses to No-Sew DIY Jute Wine Bags

  1. this is fantastic!! the only thing is… now to find a friend who hasn’t see this DIY! ;)
    A+ girls

  2. Thanks, Melissa! So glad you like it….and yes, that will be the trick! ;) xoxo

  3. wow!!! this is just amazing

  4. You saved me!!!!! What a wonderful project. Just decided to add a bottle of wine to a foodie gift basket that being delivered tomorrow and I had nothing to put the wine in. All of the other items in the basket are hand crafted. The bags and tags, etc. I didn’t want a store bought bag, not to mention I didn’t have time to go to the store. This was super easy. I had 2 ½ in. wired burlap ribbon on hand, so I made 4 rings instead of 3. I liked your idea of making it “finished”, a great tip. Beautiful, simple, quick. You’ve done an outstanding job. Thank you.

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