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DIY Nautical Coasters

Remember the Nautical Name Change Party we helped with a while back? If you look, you’ll likely spy some hand-painted rope coasters. I figure it’s about time I let you in on the secrets of these DIY nautical coasters.
DIY Nautical Coasters,
While designing all the printed goods for this party, I thought it might be nice to commemorate the day my dear friend set sail with a new last name with something handmade. I knew I wanted it to be something she could use at home, and something with a nautical flair (duh). At some point in my research I ran across an understated tutorial by Martha Stewart and thought: This is it! Rope Coasters! As you can see, I took the DIY coasters a step further by creating a custom stencil and cranking up the color. My goal was to fully nautical-ize these puppies. In my not-so-humble opinion, they turned out fabulously. If you think so too, and would like a set of your own, you’ll find everything you need to know below.
DIY Nautical Coasters,

Coaster or Compass
Cotton Rope (length depends on number you’d like)
Tacky Glue
Acrylic Paint (multiple colors are optional)
Tape (optional)
A small paper stencil (optional) —> Download the anchor stencil sheet here.


1. Trace a 4″ circle on the cardboard (use a coster or compass for this step).
2. Pin rope to the center of the circle
3. Wind the rope around, pinning to secure it to the cardboard.
4. Along the way, run beads of glue between the circles of rope.
5. When you get to the rope, trim the end.
6. Tuck the rope in with a dab of glue.
7. Allow each coaster to dry while working on the remaining coasters. (I made six.)
8. After drying overnight, remove pins and rope from cardboard. Some sections may stick to the cardboard. It’s okay because you’ll paint over it, but clean off as much as you can.
9. Paint the coasters.

DIY Nautical Coasters,

Painting Tips (if using a stencil) *Download the anchor stencil*

•    To get as crisp a silhouette as possible, I first painted the entire coaster white.
•    Once they were dry, I taped the paper in the shape of an anchor to the rope coaster with several small loops of tape.
•    When painting over the paper with the yellow paint, I made sure to start with my brush on the stencil and stroke away from the stencil along all it’s edges.
•    I also kept the amount of paint on my brush to a minimum so it wouldn’t sneak under the paper an gob up the outline.
•    I gave the yellow paint ample drying time before removing the stencils.
There turned out to be a few inconsistencies in the silhouettes, but not as many as you might expect when painting loop after loop of small rope. So there you have it. A one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind friend. Or should that be six-of-a-kind since I made a full set…?
DIY Nautical Coasters,
All professional photography by Lisa Teso. Photo styling by Billede Design.
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  6. I stumbled across your site looking for inspiration for our nautical themed murder mystery party. I am absolutely amazed at how classy and sophisticated these look. They could be re-used for every day coasters in a nautical inspired or even an eclectic inspired house. Fantastic idea!

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