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Valentine’s Day DIY Fiesta Banner


There is a predominant theme in San Antonio, TX. It’s called FIESTA. There’s always a fiesta of some sort or another going down in our neighborhood. As a general rule, a fiesta requires music, food and colorful decorations which always include classic fiesta banners. I love those things. They are colorful, flirty and scream “why don’t you celebrate life already” and “let’s party”!

DIY Fiesta Banner,

For this year’s Valentine’s Day DIY download, I’ve let this Southern fiesta mentality prevail. Behold the Valentine’s Day DIY Fiesta Banner! Just download, print, cut and hang. VIVA LOVE!

Valentine's Day DIY Fiesta Banner,

Valentine's Day DIY Fiesta Banner, hifrienddesign.comValentine's Day DIY Fiesta Banner,

Speaking of Southern fun, my dear client-turned-friend Krista Janos over at Blue Eyed Yonder in Georgia helped me bring this year’s Valentine’s Day DIY to life, bless her heart. Since we’re moving, you can imagine what it would take for me to even locate my crafty supplies at the moment (read: IMPOSSIBLE). Thankfully Krista jumped on board and gets 100% credit for the styling and photographs of these pretty little banners. Give our Peach State representative a virtual round of applause. Thank you, Krista!

Valentine's Day DIY Fiesta Banner,

Now, warm up your dominant scissor-wielding hand and get your fiesta on. The brief instructions are included in the free PDF download. VIVA DIY!

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7 Responses to Valentine’s Day DIY Fiesta Banner

  1. this has to be sooooo time consuming! But it’s definitely worth the work :) patience, patience, patience – that’s the key ;)

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  3. Love it! Am going to make some tonight. The Happy Heart Day Labels & Tags weren’t available to download for some reason, and they would be perfect for VD presents at the office tomorrow.

  4. Lizabeth, I just tested the Happy Heart Day Labels & Tags and they worked for me…see if a PDF landed somewhere on your computer called “DIY-Valentines-FromHiFriend.pdf” That should be them! (But so sorry it’s too late for your VD presents!!)

  5. Hi,
    I just tried the download PDF link and it takes me to a page that says”
    Whoops, our bad…The page you requested was not found, and we have a fine guess why. ”
    Would love a copy of it. Thank you for making your beautiful artwork available!

  6. It was for the Happy Heart Day Labels & Tags

  7. Hi, Laura. So sorry for the glitch! We redesigned our site since that post, so that’s probably the issue. Try downloading from this page. I just tested it and it worked:

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