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DIY Chain Hair Combs


This month’s DIY Project is going to go to your head, literally.

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

Truth be told, my style aesthetic doesn’t really skew hardcore (unless you count that one time I was a full-on groupie because my skater boyfriend was in a band). I have next to no spikes, studs, chains, leather, pleather or skulls in my wardrobe, but sometimes I’d like to have a little more edge, you know? This month’s DIY Chain Hair Combs have become my perfect go-to for a hint of hardcore.

If you’re game to get a little gritty with me, here are the details.

DIY Supplies,


Small Chain (Hello, Home Depot.)
Hair Combs (as many as you’d like to do)
Needle and Thread
Wire Cutter


DIY Chain Hair Comb,

1. Measure your chain against your hair combs.

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

2. Cut chain to correct length.

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

3. Secure thread around one end of a hair comb with a few knots.

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

4. Wrap thread around hair comb and chain, across the full width of the comb.

DIY Chain Hair Comb, hifrienddesign.comDIY Chain Hair Comb,

5. Secure the thread at the finishing end of the hair comb with a few knots.

DIY Chain Hair Comb,

6. Get down with your bad self.

I hope you have as much fun sporting these unconventional DIY chain hair combs as I did. So easy, but so avant-garde. xo!

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