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vintage stationery shop clipboard


Vintage Stationery Shop Clipboard, hifrienddesign.comI picked up this clipboard on a whim at an antique store in Vancouver, Washington over the holidays. The assorted wood tones had me smitten. Plus, who doesn’t love an authentic relic of Seattle? I finally got around to googling the company name it’s branded with and found some terrific examples of advertising from the early 1900s. (My clipboard could have been in the shop the day they took that photo!)

Vintage Stationery Shop Ad,

Vintage Stationery Shop Ad,

Vintage Stationery Shop Clipboard,

Isn’t it lovely? I’m not sure how I feel about stationery as a WEAPON, but I am sure that the fact that this clipboard came from a stationery shop confirms that it was meant for me!

vintage ad and image source

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Sweet & Free Life / Stamped Stationery for Tenley Molzahn


Tenley Molzahn Stamped Stationery,

The oh-so-sweet Tenley Molzahn has been one of my Clark & Co. clients for the past year and we just wrapped up some of her big branding pieces last month. (So exciting!) The work I’ve been doing with her hasn’t overlapped much with what I do over here at hi, friend design, but I have to share the little package of stamped stationery I sent her way. It’s another great example of how you can turn some very plain cards and envelopes into custom stationery.

The splash of pink on the bright white is so darn cute. What do you think? Would you be up for stamping out your own custom stationery with one of our personal stamps?

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a new stamp for an old friend


Personalized four-initial stamp,

One of my many funny, beautiful and precious friends turned thirty last month. “A new stamp for an old friend.” Get it!? Har, har. I tried clicking my heels together to get myself to her fabulously fun party in Portland, but that didn’t work, so I made her a celebratory stamp. She’s unique in so many ways, but one of them is that she has two middle names. I got to thinking that there are certainly many others in the same boat, whether they have two middle names, two last names or four of any kind of name! So, I’d like to introduce our very first four-initial stamp: the Small Loveli Stamp.

Personalized four-initial stamp,

By the way, this would be perfect for a four-person family, too.

If you’d like this stamp in its self-inking version, it’s $31 —>

For this stamp as a wood-mount with knob, it’s only $25 —>

Personalized four-initial stamp,

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Cape Cod Home Renovation: The vintage closet door dilemma


Our closet door solution has been in the works for a long time. I knew I wanted to incorporate a sliding barn door setup somewhere in this Cape Cod home renovation. Sliding doors aren’t ideal for privacy, so we settled on our master walk-in closet.

I spent hours searching high and low for sliding door tracks that were affordable and good looking, to no avail. When we were back in The City of Roses over the holidays, we made our standard stop at Rejuvenation and found the perfectly imperfect old door track with two matching trucks, or wheels. It was a Christmas miracle.

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

The hardware had been in a fire somewhere in Portland, so it was discounted to accommodate the repair work that was (and still is) needed. Thankfully the huz has that covered. Side note: if I was going to buy new, I’d probably choose from the awesome selection over at Rustica.

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

The handsome three-panel door came out of a school in Spearfish, SD via an antique shop, kindly scouted by my cousin. As you can see, there’s a window in the closet, so the glass pane will diffuse the natural light and allow it to flow into the bedroom even when the door is closed. It was the absolute perfect find. We plan to keep its dark natural finish, but will likely patch the holes from the original hardware.

So let’s get to the dilemma part of this post, shall we?

I’ve been known to regret adding elements to designs when they’re not necessary, but this door is pleading for type on the window. Can you hear her? To test out my intuition, I’ve mocked up a few ideas which include slightly arched type and a combination of serif and sans serif fonts for a vintage feel. I settled on ‘Dressing Room’ because it’s old fashioned and true to the nature of what’s behind the glass.

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

What type should I go with? Numbers only vs. Words only vs. Number + Words

And then we have to talk color: classic black vs. luxurious gold

Leave your vote in the comments below so I can settle this dilemma, place my lettering order and get this winsome door in working order. If you have any better ideas for a phrase I should use too, speak up! Thanks, friends!


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Cape Cod Home Renovation: The Main Floor Inspiration, Part 2


Last week‘s renovation adventures included finalizing the tile selection for our living room fireplace, ordering window coverings (it’s early for this, but they’re on sale!), hanging, mudding and sanding sheetrock and ordering another dumpster to fill with our existing kitchen. Plus, the new kitchen cabinetry was ordered from Hilltop Custom Cabinetry. So far this week we wired the can lights in the kitchen, started filling the dumpster with everything but the kitchen (!) and got a beautiful brand new roof. We are whipping this house into shape, I tell ya!

But anyway, back to what’s to come. Below are some of the products, colors and inspirational images I’ve been collecting for the rooms on the main floor that weren’t covered in Cape Cod Home Renovation: The Main Floor Inspiration, Part 1. If you’re interested, you can see the old and new main floor layouts in this post.

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

Guest Suite: Bedroom 1 mia table lamp / 2 wooden dresser inspiration / 3 popcorn loop rug / 4 natural red oak flooring / 5 nightstand inspiration / 6 silverpointe / 7 bedspread / 8 wardrobe (own a similar piece)

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

Guest Suite: Bathroom 1 built-in linen closet / 2 leonia tile / 3 frameless beveled round mirror / 4 bathroom inspiration / 5 warehouse wall sconce, green / 6 snowbound / 7 subway tile / 8 shelby shower curtain / 9 fever grass soap

Cape Cod Home Renovation,

Sunroom 1 scissor coat rack / 2 fan / 3 fiddle fig / 4 inspiration image / 5 jute rug / 6 seat cushion / 7 snowbound / 8 wicker armchair

Next up, upper floor inspiration!


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